Young World Educare

Young world Educare provide a safe play and learn environment for small children with developmental, behavioral or emotional disorders. Often these children struggle in mainstream pre-schools as they are unable to participate fully in age-appropriate activities and have learning difficulty and disabilities such as Autism and Dyslexia.

South African volunteers and also volunteers from all over the world, sign up from February to November every year to assist with care giving and attempt to improve social competence and behavior, bringing their own style and areas of interests and introducing new activities, although the kids sometimes finds it challenging, it provides opportunity for growth and a wider experience. The kids mix -and become friends with their non-disabled peers and experience meaningful, non-judgmental friendship with the children who are taught to have respect for disabilities. The inclusion of children with normal development is beneficial to all children and fosters acceptance and belonging, understanding and compassion.

We strive to be a specialty pre-school and intend to accommodate handicapped children, currently we lack the staff capacity to care for severyly handicapped children. We are able to care for children with hearing and visual impairment, ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorders), mood disorders and Tourette’s Syndrome and will do everything we can to develop our ‘otherwise abled’ children, to their full potential.

The care center is 20 years in existence. We assist the children of low-income parents by subsidizing the fee’s they pay – which is very affordable at any rate, this offers parents an opportunity to work whilst their children are cared for. Young World Educare has various fun ways to create awareness and support our mission which is to bring hope to so many people suffering from a mental illness and to prevent possible harm.


Pretoria North, Pretoria, South Africa